A breadth of cultures combined into one satiable business.

“Where are you from?”


“No, where are you FROM from?”

The truth is, my mother is of Moroccan descent with ties to French, Spanish and Saharan areas. My father is from St. Vincent. So ultimately that makes me a mix of Moroccan, Spanish, and Caribbean.

Maybe you see now why it’s easier for me to just say that I’m from Brooklyn.

When first starting this venture, I was asked what my niche would be, who I am trying to reach and what type of food am I looking to specialize in, and I found myself stuck when I couldn’t answer. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but because for a long time, my dream has been to find a way to celebrate all of the wonderful culinary experiences from my childhood. I grew up in a household where I idolized my father for the absolutely wonderful Caribbean flavors he could create in our kitchen. I relished in the fact that trips back to Morocco with my mother meant lots of delicious meals; meals that were crafted by women who knew exactly how much to put of each ingredient to achieve truly stunningly and savory dishes without even measuring.

I realized that my specialty is my unique ability to celebrate my heritage – a beautiful mosaic of Moroccan, Latin, and Vincentian flavors.

And so, with se•che•bel catering co. – the focus isn’t just Moroccan or Caribbean or Latin food. Here, the focus is the flavor and the feeling you get when eating what I consider to be my spin on latin soul. At se•che•bel, you get to experience a unique blend of three different yet equally beautiful cultures; three cultures that while seemingly different, share so many surprising culinary similarities.

Our motto is ‘where the plates are pretty and the palettes are pleased’, but more importantly than that, our name is derived from the word satiable.

The ability to be satisfied.



Word by delectable word, read along as we walk you through our kitchen adventures.

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